Meet the Team

Roy Wood

Roy Wood is a gifted communicator, team builder and big picture strategist.  In the political realm, this "triple threat" quality gives him the ability to adeptly assess his client's strengths and weaknesses then personalize a comprehensive plan to achieve success on election day.

Roy and his team effectively utilizes: 

  • strategic use of campaign funds on all levels
  • multiple social media platforms
  • strong debate preparation and performance 
  • aggressive but measured response to negative campaigning

Iva Michelle Russell

Iva Michelle has been in the communications business for 33+ years with a specialized focus in image management. She makes sure our client's online, print and professional profiles are universally cohesive. Iva has  been involved with all aspects of local, state, and federal elections. She also brings extensive experience in government operations on both local and state levels.

Ron Fuller

Ron Fuller brings 54 years of professional development experience to the table. His savvy in navigating political minefields and opportunities as well as understanding where all the pieces come together, gives our clients an edge on any platform issue. 

Jenna Amacher

Jenna has both a political science and law degree. She is also a certified 7-12th grade teacher who brings her passion for good government and education with her. Jenna is a superstar when it comes to research and detail oriented tasks. She delves into all aspects of an issue, and can provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis on any subject.